T Cell Biology and Skin Inflammation

The aim of the Bonefeld Group is to characterize and understand novel pathways and molecules in T cell activation and differentiation in inflammatory skin diseases. Thereby we hope to provide the basis for developing novel means to prevent and treat inflammatory skin diseases.























Group Leader

Charlotte Menne Bonefeld

Phone +45 3532 7866

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Alexandra Teresa Seibel Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Anders Boutrup Funch Postdoc   E-mail
Carsten Geisler Professor +4535327880 E-mail
Charlotte Bølling Laboratory Technician Trainee +4535323790 E-mail
Helen Vaher Postdoc   E-mail
Julie Friis Weber PhD Fellow +4535327277 E-mail
Kelvin Yeung Guest Researcher +4535335824 E-mail
Marianne Bengtson Løvendorf Associate Professor   E-mail
Martin Kongsbak-Wismann Associate Professor +4535337401 E-mail
Martine Dragsbæk-Friis Research Assistant +4535329539 E-mail
Mia Hamilton Jee Postdoc +4535333344 E-mail
Nikolaj Menne Bonefeld Laboratory Assistant +4535328785 E-mail
Rebecca Kitt Davidson Lohmann Laboratory Technician +4535321681 E-mail
Simone Majken Stegenborg-Grathwohl Research Assistant +4535324536 E-mail
Tiana Ida Stanisic Master Student   E-mail
Veronika Mraz Postdoc +4531322376 E-mail