Skin Inflammation and Cancer

Our goal is to find novel disease mechanisms and molecular targets, that can be used for innovative therapies for inflammatory skin diseases and cutaneous T cell lymphoma.























Group Leader

Anders Woetmann 

Mobile: +45 2857 0484
Phone +45 3532 7868

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Chella Krishna Vadivel Postdoc +4535320801 E-mail
Daniel Hargbøl Madsen Associate Professor +4535327887 E-mail
Heba Mahmoud Laboratory Technician +4535324152 E-mail
Katrine Baumann Postdoc +4540617969 E-mail
Lang Yan Master Student   E-mail
Lisa Harth Research Assistant +45+32473379321 E-mail
Mads Almose Røpke Associate Professor +4535334401 E-mail
Mariana Bronze Research Assistant   E-mail
Marina Ramírez Galera Research Assistant +4535326777 E-mail
Martin Rich Javadi Namini PhD Fellow +4535334405 E-mail
Nafsika Panagiotopoulou External, Ph.d Student +4535326904 E-mail
Niels Ødum Professor +4535327879 E-mail
Pia Rude Nielsen Postdoc +4535328190 E-mail
Sana Ahmad Laboratory Technician +4535335412 E-mail
Terkild Brink Buus Assistant Professor +4535337425 E-mail
Ziao Zeng Research Assistant   E-mail