Springtime School 2023: Skin homeostasis and inflammation

The Springtime School - formerly known as the Summer School - is an exclusive chance to meet and learn from the world’s leading researchers within skin immunology. 11 speakers give the newest insight on skin renewal, tissue immunology and molecular signaling and inflammation. The Springtime School is now open for applications. 

24-26 April 2023

LEO Foundation Skin Immunology Research Center, University of Copenhagen, invites young and talented researchers from across the world to join an intense three-day learning experience on skin and immunological skin disease research. The Springtime School offers 1:1 interaction with and feedback from leading experts on this year’s theme: Skin homeostasis and inflammation.





The Springtime School targets PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Participants will be selected based on applications containing a short abstract (250 words) and CV to ensure representation of a variety of relevant research themes.

Use the abstract template to submit a short abstract on your current scientific project in the application.

Apply here










The application deadline is 24 January 2023, 23:59 CET

Use the abstract template to submit a short abstract on your current scientific project in your application.

Apply here 

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application no later than 9 February 2023.







Participation is free of charge and will include accommodation, meals and refreshments for the duration of the programme. Participants must cover own travel and insurance expenses. A limited number of travel grants will be awarded.





The Springtime School will be held at atmospheric Hotel Hornbækhus, acclaimed as one of Europe's best seaside hotels for its scenic surroundings in Hornbæk, Denmark. Visit www.hornbaekhus.com/en for details.




















Monday 24 April 

12:00   Arrival and lunch

SESSION 1: Renewal of skin

13:00   Welcome by Executive Director of the LEO Foundation Skin Immunology Research Center, Liv Eidsmo

 13:10  Maria Kasper, Karolinska Institutet: The cellular atlas of the skin

 13:40  Yaron Fuchs, Technicon, Israel: Communication by dying cells within hair follicles

 14:10  Shruti Naik, NYU Langone Health: Non-canonical functions of cutaneous immunity

14:40  Break

15:10   Short talk 1: From abstracts                   

15:25   Short talk 2: From abstracts

 15:40  Short talk 3: From abstracts

 15:55  Break

 SESSION 2: Molecular signaling and inflammation

 16:25  Neil Rajan, Newcastle University: Ubiquitination in CYLD syndrome

 16:55  Florian Smidt, University of Bonn: The skin-specific NLRP1 inflammasome

 17:25  Flash talks 5x 2 min.

 18:30  Dinner

 20:15  Poster session 1

 Tuesday 25 April

 7:30   Optional beach swim – bring own swimming gear

 SESSION 3: Tissue immunology

 9:00   Jonathan Coquet, Karolinska Institutet: All in the life of a Th2 cell

 9:30   Jessica Strid, Imperial College: Type 2 immunity in skin homeostasis and inflammation 

10:00  Short talk 4: From abstracts

10:15  Short talk 5: From abstracts

10:30  Short talk 6: From abstracts

 10:45 Break

 11:15 Maria Mittelbrunn, CMB Madrid: Immunometabolism and ageing in T cells and inflammation

 11:45 Patrick Brunner, Mount Sinai/ University of Vienna: Investigating cytokine mediated activation of T cells with         spatial modelling

 12:15 Flash talks 5x2 min.

 12:30 Lunch

 14:00 - 16:00   Visit to the Tegner Museum and walk in Rusland

  17:00   Poster session 2

  18:30   Meet the speakers dinner

 Wednesday 26 April

 7:30   Optional beach swim – bring own swimming gear

 SESSION 4: Tissue responses to microbes.

 9:00   Stephan Rosshart, University of Freiburg: The impact of natural microbiome on host physiology

 9:30   Lone Skov, University of Copenhagen: Psoriasis and microbes

10:00   Short talk 7: From abstracts

10:15   Short talk 8: From abstracts

10:30   Break

11:00   Short talk 9: From abstracts

11:15   Short talk 10: From abstracts

11:30   John Common, Skin Research Institute of Singapore: TBD

12:00   Awards ceremony for best poster and short presentation

 12:15  Lunch and departure

 The programme may be subject to change.

 Organizing committee: Mads Gyrd-Hansen and Liv Eidsmo, University of Copenhagen, Jonathan Coquet, Karolinska Institutet.

 Download the programme as .pdf here